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Face Recognition with Temperature TD-5MA0721-E-JD05


It is suitable for quick check of body temperature in subway station, customs port, airport, railway station, hospital, school, community, commercial super and checks station, etc.


  • Precise Temperature Measurement:
    Equipped with multi-point infrared non-contact temperature measurement module, the temperature measurement distance can reach up to 80cm, and the temperature measurement accuracy can reach 0.5 ℃. ▪ Temperature Anomaly Alert:
    If the temperature data exceeds the threshold set by the user, the terminal will issue an abnormal warning, effective screening of abnormal temperature personnel.
  • Mask Identification:
    The utility model can integrate the mask detection function, judge whether the passer-by wears a mask or not, and at the same time, carry on the face recognition comparison to the wearers, so as to ensure the security of the personal identity.
  • Face Recognition:
    Based on face recognition technology, non-contact access control and attendance, effectively avoid the potential risk of traditional contact access control.
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Detection Of Binocular Living Body:
    Equipped with a binocular camera, can effectively resist photos, video and other cheating attacks to ensure the accuracy of data. ▪ Faces: It can quickly lock the target identity of body temperature abnormality through face recognition, and improve the efficiency of pre-warning, in-process and post-trace.
  • Security and Stability:
    Using high-performance, high-stability embedded Linux system, BUILT-IN HIGH-PERFORMANCE AI processor.
  • Rapid Deployment:
    Support for the installation of gate, wall, WI-FI / 4g network communication mode, rapid deployment, to meet the needs of various installation environments and scenarios reduce the risk of cross-infection, save human and material resources.
  • Use Environment:
    The temperature measurement accuracy is not affected by the working temperature of the airframe. The airframe IP54 protection grade is suitable for wide temperature range from 30 °C to 70 °C.

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