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8-inch binocular face recognition STD-5MC082L1-MC 


It is suitable for office areas, hotels, access gates, office buildings, banks, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, public services and management projects, etc., where there is a demand for face access control and attendance and barrier access.

Core Advantages

  • Embedded Linux operating system, safe and stable operation;
  • Quad-core [email protected] high-performance CPU, extreme smooth operation experience;
  • Using ultra-low power processor and low power processing technology, the equipment runs with low power consumption and less heating;
  • Independent NPU, supporting up to 2Tops computing power, and embedded with industrial leading deep learning face recognition algorithm;
  • 0.08S ultra fast face recognition, high precision face recognition;
  • Intelligent ISP algorithm, super wide dynamic, fearless strong light, backlight and low light, adapt to various complex light scenes;
  • The largest face recognition mode, support face selection, face enhancement and face exposure, and improve image quality;
  • Support the recognition remote control of 0.3~2M, effectively preventing the misrecognition of persons who are far away;
  • Binocular live detection function, effectively solving the problem of deceiving photos, videos and other methods;
  • Suitable 30,000 face base library, 30,000 card library, 150,000 records, and support for batch import and export of data;
  • Support swiping face, swipe card, (IC card, NFC card, ID card physical card),face & swipe card, etc.; and support the customization and expansion of verification methods;
  • Support mask detection, face recognition when wearing a mask, and send reminder of not wearing a mask;
  • Support visitor setting, access control time management, permission group setting, door opening delay setting, log query;
  • Seamlessly connect to various cloud platforms such as WeChat and Ruishiyun to realize all-round intelligent access control and attendance management;
  • Support access control status acquisition, door overtime and unclosed alarm, blacklist alarm, etc.;
  • Support custom recognition voice broadcast, personalized screen saver settings, image advertising carousel functions;
  • Industrial-grade design, IP67 protection level, normal under high temperature and severe cold, adapt to temperature difference range of -30℃~70℃, suitable for indoor and outdoor all-weather scenes;

Basic Skills

  • Use 2 million pixels, high-definition F2.2 aperture security-grade industrial lens, which are anti-backlight;
  • 8-inch IPS full screen, resolution 800*1280, outdoor high-brightness screen above 450cd/m2;
  • Support the screen to automatically sleep, automatically sense human body, quickly turn on the fill light;
  • Support offline operation, no need to network, equipment equipped with 100M network port;
  • Metal structure body, unique double glass structure, strong hardness and no deformation, good light transmission and no light leakage, presenting excellent video effects;
  • Open cloud, LAN access protocol and SDK, rich multimedia and AI API;
  • Optional wall mounting/gate installation methods;

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