About Us

Smart Access Systems Expert


We expertise in providing completed solutions for all industries security areas which consists of smart card (factory), PCB board (factory), software (in house develop), customization and integration. Also with our expertise in card access system, E-Purse system solution, CCTV surveillance system, factory production system, electric work and networking work, our security solution are complied to EMV (Europay, Mastercard, Visa) requirement. Our goal is to ensure the utmost protection of sensitive information, safeguarding the assets and operations of our clients.

Our Experiences

With 20 over years experience in security solution, E-Purse solution and production solution. We also provide one-stop solution for smart card systems which includes:

  • Door access system
  • Time attendance
  • Membership program
  • E-Purse system
  • Human resource management system
  • Parking system
  • Web online payment system
  • E-pos system
  • Kiosk system
  • Inventory system
  • Software customization
  • RFID hotel key card
  • Hardware accessories
  • Backend integration
  • Support center management

Industrials Expertise

With our extensive experience in catering to clients across diverse sectors, we have developed a strong belief in the ability of our services to meet the requirements of a broad spectrum of smart system industries. The following are a few industries we have successfully served:

  • Colleges & universities
  • Hotel
  • Shopping mall
  • Hospital & clinics
  • Business organization
  • Factories
  • Residential
  • Sports & activities center