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IDYI @ Solution

Centralized Monitoring System

Leveraging its proprietary security software and database system, IDYI@Solution, Xingda enhances the security landscape for its clients. This powerful and intuitive system has been engineered to integrate directly with legacy security and access systems, ensuring a seamless transition to modern security systems.

Manage All Access Under One Station

With IDYI@Solution, clients can experience the convenience and efficiency of state-of-the-art security systems without the burden of purchasing or replacing individual systems. It’s a hassle-free evolution towards a safer future, enabled by Xingda’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

Experience seamless, secure digital transactions with our E-Purse System. This solution ensures easy and secure monetary transactions, increasing efficiency for your operations.
Optimize your retail business with our advanced E-POS System, designed to make transactions swift, simple, and secure.
Empower your customers with self-service through our intuitive Kiosk System, enhancing their experience while reducing your operational costs.

Keep track of your assets with ease and accuracy using our comprehensive Inventory System.

Our Pre-Booking System ensures smooth and efficient reservations, allowing your customers to secure their spots in advance with minimal effort.
Ensure quick, secure access and identification with our Card Issuance and Card Access Systems, integral to maintaining security in your premises.
Embrace the future of security with our Face Recognition System, providing an extra layer of security while enhancing convenience.
Stay compliant with industry standards with our High-Level Security Solution that fulfils EMV requirements, protecting sensitive data and transactions.
Our Roll Call and Time Attendance Systems ensure easy tracking and monitoring of attendance, vital for efficient operations in both educational and business settings.
Control and monitor access with our Flat Barrier Integration & Entrance solutions, designed to regulate entries and exits effectively.
Ensure the safety of students and regulate visitor entries with our reliable Student Pickup and Visitor Management Systems, integral for maintaining secure environments in schools and businesses.
Manage your parking spaces effectively with our Car Park Entrance System, designed for both short and long-range access, and includes payment parking solutions.
Ensure secure and regulated vertical access with our Lift Card Access Integration, adding an extra level of security to your premises.
Get software solutions tailored to your needs with our customization services, and ensure seamless operation with backend integration.
Provide convenient and secure access to your hotel rooms with our RFID Hotel Key Lock System, integrated with electrical appliances and E-Purse for added convenience and security.

Secure Living with Xingda's Residential-Based Solutions

Xingda offers comprehensive residential security solutions for various types of homes, including apartments, housing compounds, and private properties. They prioritize the safety and security of their clients’ homes and aim to provide peace of mind by creating tailored security systems to safeguard these sanctuaries effectively.

Applicable to:

  • Apartment
  • Housing compound
  • Private properties

Elevate Business Security with Xingda's Commercial-Based Solutions

Take control of your commercial security with Xingda’s advanced solutions. We cater to a wide spectrum of commercial spaces such as offices, shopping malls, retail stores, banks, and hotels. Xingda’s commercial security solutions seamlessly integrate into your business, protecting your assets and providing a safe environment for employees and customers alike.

Appliable to:

  • Office
  • Shopping malls
  • Retail stores
  • Banks
  • Hotels

Enhancing Learning Environments with Xingda's Educational-Based Solutions

Secure the future of education with Xingda’s tailored solutions. We provide specialized security solutions for educational institutions ranging from universities and campuses to schools and tuition centres. Our security systems safeguard your educational environment, providing a safe and conducive atmosphere for learning and growth.

Applicable to:

  • Universities
  • Campus
  • Schools
  • Tuition center

Fortifying Industries with Xingda's Factory-Based Solutions

Boost your industrial security with Xingda’s robust factory-based solutions. We offer customized security systems designed for the unique needs of laboratories, manufacturing plants, and plantations. Xingda’s security solutions provide the necessary safeguards to protect your valuable assets, ensuring the smooth operation of your industrial activities.

Appliable to:

  • Laboratories
  • Manufacturing
  • Plantation

Protecting Wellness with Xingda's Healthcare-Based Solutions

Trust in the power of secure healthcare with Xingda’s specialized solutions. We cater to a variety of healthcare establishments, including hospitals, clinics, beauty centres, and wellness centres. Our security systems are designed with the sensitivity of healthcare in mind, protecting your facilities while ensuring the safety and privacy of your patients. Xingda’s healthcare-based solutions provide the security you need, so you can focus on providing the care your patients deserve.

Applicable to:

  • Hospital
  • Clinics
  • Beauty
  • Care center

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