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Read/Write Smart Card Reader


This Read / Write Smart Card Reader is the best choice to use as a starting point before roll out any smart card applications. It can use in:

  • Card issuer Application
  • PC-based E-Purse Application in cafeteria, book store and any payment transactions
  • PC-based Kiosk – self info enquiry
  • PC-based Attendance System

The single piece reader is designed to mount on a single-gang electrical junction box or any flat surface, and it’s suitable for indoor location.
This Read/Write Smart Card Reader offers better read range performance with a significant low cost.


Interface RS232 (Serial) or USB
Indicator One 3 Colour LED, Buzzer
Power Supply 5V DC From PC
Card Read Distance 2~5cm
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 50°C
Color Black/ White
Support Card
Phlips’ Ml FARE Smart Cards – Ml FARE Std 1 k / Ml FARE Std 4k Driver, Demo Program And SOK For Microsoft Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP

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