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Passive RFID Tag



The Passive RFID Tag is the standard tag used for tagging the books for the purpose of borrowing/returning from the library.


Protocol: ISO/IEC 18000 – 6C (EPC C1G2)
ISO : International Organization for Standardization IEC: International Electro technical Commission EPC : Electronic Product Code
C1 : Class 1
G2 : Generation 2

  • Read and Write capability
  • Min reading performance / Anti collision up to 200 tags/sec
  • Data Communication:
  • Real time Clock (RTC) for time stamping
  • Real time mode
  • Data Delivery : reprogrammable
  • Data re-write : 100,000 times
  • Anti-theft : security bit
  • Anti-collision : multi-read
  • Data retention : more than 10 years
  • Add-on labels : Add-on paper sticker with customer colour logo Strips:
  • Dimension : 93 mm x 5 mm x 0.2 mm
  • Can store security information (ex: Book ID)
  • Reading range : 1-3 meters
  • Tag warranty (life time)
  • Min memory 128 byte
  • Operating Mode : Read and Write
  • Approximate frequency 865 – 923Mhz
  • Operating Temperature: -25iaC – 70iaC (-13iaF – 158ia F)
  • Product support Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) for pilferage books from library.
  • Information can be changed and updated to comply with ISO tag data format
  • Memory chip must be able to store inventory data
  • The tag must be guaranteed life time on which it is originally affixed.
  • The tag can provide both security and inventory control functionality.
  • ISO tag and able to programmed for read and write
  • Protocol: ISO/ IEC 18000-6C (EPC C1G2)

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