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New Proximity/HF Reader-SYRDS5

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  • 3 LED status indicators.
  • Built-in Anti-Tamper protection.
  • Communication : RS485 / Wiegand.
  • Built-in Watchdog to prevent system from halting.

  • Built-in Buzzer.


Transmit Frequency 125KHz / 13.56MHz / ISO14443-A/B  / ISO-15693 / Mifare NTAG203 / DESFire
Read Range 2cm ~8cm (HF type : 1cm~5cm)
Card Read Time 0.1 sec (typical)
Communication RS485 and Wiegand(26/32/34/42/66 bits)
Anti-Tamper Facility Built-in
Buad Rate 19,200bps (4,800bps ~ 115,200bps)
Beep Tone Built-in Buzzer
LED Indicator 3 LED
Digital Input Up to 3
(1 DI+2 no-voltage DI share the same port with Wiegand)
Digital Output Up to 3(1 Relay output + 2 open collector DO
share the same port with Wiegand)
Anti-Tamper Facility Built-in
Operating / Storage Temperature -20˚C ~ +70˚C / -30˚C ~ +80˚C
Input Voltage 8V ~ 28V DC
Dimensions(mm) 83W x 121H x 29.5D
Ordering Information •SYRDS5-L1-BSY : 125KHz, Beige color
•SYRDS5-H1-BSY : 13.56MHz, Beige color

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