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MAG Flap Barrier FLB140

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FLB140 series is optimized to achieve the best balance of quality, performance and affordability.

FLB140 series slim design and enhanced premium hair line polish can elevate the prestige elegant impression while still effectively restricting unauthorized visitors from your entrance. Access control, fingerprint, bar code or time attendance reader can easily integrated into flap barrier.

FLB140 series is an ideal solution for railway, stadium, factory and commercial building. Its stylish design can easily fit into any modern contemporary building.


  • Wider Opening
    Compared to tripod turnstile, flap barrier offers wider opening to cater for bigger size pedestrian, luggage or big parcel to pass through easily.
  • Adjustable Opening Speed
    Flap barrier can support up to 0.8 sec opening time to support higher traffic rate that can effectively reduce long queue at entrance during peak hour. You can also lower the speed to cater for small children or old people.
  • Safety is Priority
    Flap gate will automatically open during power failure. Flap barrier also can be triggered to permanently open during emergency to facilitate fast evacuation. Closing flap wing will autoreverse to avoid any injury to pedestrian still inside the lane.
  • Flexible Security
    Closing flap wing can be paused instead of autoreversed when detected someone in the lane to make it more difficult to tailgate. So you can choose higher security or higher safety.
  • Alarm Detection
    IR Sensors detect unauthorized or abnormal access. Both wing will become red color to alert security guard for alarm status more effectively.
  • Auto Close Timer
    Flap will close automatically if there is no pedestrian passing through after the delay time elapsed. This avoid unauthorized user from sneaking into the building when flap was opened wrongly.

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