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We have developed the Idyi@Solution system since 2002. After many developments,  this system has been applied to schools, factories, offices and apartment residential areas. This system also meets the requirements of EMV (Visa, Master) credit card factories Security system requirements. Bases on customer’s special requirement, we still provide the customization.

Idyi@Solution contains the following 19 modules,

  • Bio-Data Administration Module
  • Attendance Module
  • Leave Management Module
  • Door Access Module (EMV)
  • Lift Access Module
  • Guard Tour Module
  • Visitor Management Module
  • Roll Call Management Module
  • Face Recognition Management Module
  • E-Purse Module
  • Parking Management Module
  • E-Subsidy Module
  • Canteen Pre-booking Module
  • Inventory Module
  • E-Pos Module
  • Kiosk Management Module
  • Student Pickup Module
  • Alarm System Module
  • System Security Module
  • Central Monitoring Module

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