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Fully Automated Motorized Mini Tubular Swing Barrier SWB100

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The SWB100 is an automatic motorized stainless steel tubular swing barrier, designed to provide a wide opening clearance to accommodate large items like boxes, trolleys, wheelchairs, baby strollers, and luggage comfortably. Despite its compact size and tubular shape, it fits easily into spaces with limited room. The top cover allows integration of access control and time attendance reader. The simplified design aims to deliver optimum functionality at a more affordable cost, with a modular control system mechanism for easy maintenance and part replacement. It is commonly used alongside flap barriers or turnstiles as a manual lane for handicapped users in building lobbies, making it an ideal choice for low traffic and light-duty sites seeking cost-effective solutions.


  • Widest Opening
    Compared to tripod turnstile and flap barrier, swing barrier allow widest opening clearance. SWB100 slim form factor only take up minimum space from passage clearance space. 2 unit swing barrier can be installed on same lane to give maximum clearance 1210 mm (inclusive 10 mm clearance).
  • Customize Opening
    Swing barrier allow customizable opening. Arylic gate of SWB100 can be cut short according to clearance available at site to achieve perfect fitting. Control system will auto synchronize both swing barrier installed in the same lane. Both swing barrier will open and close at the same time.
  • Easy Integration
    A push button or access control reader can be used to trigger the swing barrier to open via simple dry contact signal. After delay timer elapsed, swing barrier will automatically close back by itself.
  • Double Safety
    Optional IR sensor can be installed to auto reverse the gate if obstacle is detected during closing. This prevent the closing gate to hit user that is still in the lane passage.
  • Emergency Recovery
    During power failure, swing barrier will automatically open for free pass through. This will fast escape in the event of emergency. When the power resume, swing barrier will automatically close back.

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