Smart Systems Products

Door Access Management

  • To configure different group of student / staff to enter different zone based on the specified time period.

Student I Lecturer Attendance Management

  • To be integrated with the existing student system to extract the student time schedule and produce the summary of student / staff attendance.

Library Entrance Management

  • To control the library access by installing a smart card reader at the entrance of the library. Therefore, only the valid student/staff is allow to enter.

Student Examination

  • Make use of Smart Card Reader or PDA to verify the student validity.

E-Purse Application

  • Monetary value can be added/deducted into / from smart card, and therefore the smart card can be used to consume in various area within the campus such as Canteen /Cafeteria, Car Park, Vending Machine and Photocopier.

Student Dormitories System

  • To control the access to school dormitories.

PC & Networking Access

  • Make use of smart card to control the PC access and access time as well.

Assets & Service Management

  • To track books in library with smart label integration.
  • Also leave management and claim management for staffs.

Visitor management

  • To give permission to visitor’s who wants to enter the perimeter on a specified time.

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