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5-inch Binocular Face Recognition STD-5MK052L1-BW 


Wall-mounted Face recognition terminal. Used in enterprises, supermarket chains, hotels, apartments and other markets that require access control for face checking attendance


  • Embedded Linux operating system, safe and stable operation
  • Quad-core [email protected] high-performance CPU, powerful configuration and extreme experience
  • Independent NPU, supporting up to 2Tops computing power, and embedded with industrial leading deep learning face recognition algorithm
  • Fastest 0.08S extremely fast face recognition, high precision face recognition
  • Support the largest face recognition mode, support face selection, face enhancement and face exposure, and improve image quality
  • Support the recognition remote control of 0.3~1M, effectively preventing the misrecognition of persons who are far away
  • 2 million binocular cameras, supporting live detection function, effectively solving the problem of deceiving photos, videos and other methods
  • Standard configuration of 30,000 face database, 30,000 card library, 150,000 record storage, and support for batch import and export of data
  • Support Ruiying enterprise cloud office platform, visitor, attendance, and access control mobile phone cloud management
  • Support personnel, equipment, authority group management, and batch registration
  • Support multiple verification methods such as face, under-screen card swiping (IC card, NFC card, ID card physical card), face & swipe card, etc.
  • Support face recognition when wearing a mask, and send reminder of not wearing a mask
  • Support wired, WIFI, Bluetooth, 4G (optional) communication methods, simple wiring
  • Support online and offline working modes
  • Support custom uploading screensaver display, thus creating exclusive advertisements for enterprises
  • Provide comprehensive secondary development technical support
  • Wall-mounted/gate-mounted installation method, exquisite and small appearance, simple and practical function


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